Material Handling Equipment

Material handling equipment is literally mechanical equipment utilized for the transportation, storage, control and maintenance of materials, products and goods during the process of production, distribution, consumption and disposal in a manufacturing enterprise. It includes a variety of mechanical devices such as material handling cranes, forklifts, material handling trucks, compactors, and material handling equipment. This equipment has numerous applications in the material handling industry. Some of these applications include material handling equipment that help to transport finished products, raw materials and finished products to various points of use, material handling equipment that facilitate material handling processes in production plants and fabrication shops, material handling equipment that assists in material removal, material handling equipment that assist in material handling processes at various points in the supply chain, material handling equipment that help in material loading and unloading processes in various locations, material handling equipment that facilitates material handling operations in warehouses and material handling plants and material handling equipment that facilitate material handling processes in finished basements.

There are several manufacturers and importers that produce a wide range of material handling equipment. They are capable of providing a complete line of material handling equipment manufactured by these companies that are designed to meet the needs of all business sectors. These brands have a comprehensive range of truck mounted, scissor lifts, stand-up pneumatic, palletized and floating rack and pinion system designed for different types of operations. Some of these brands include: Atlas Copco, Berkel, CMS Equipment, Covigna, Diamondcoat Inc., Dolomiti Eureka, GEC, Ideal Innovations, Kangaloader, Maximus, Midwest Freight Systems, Mobile Mix, Mopan, North American Industrial Equipment, Optimo, Post-Market Technologies, Proctor and Gamble, Raychem, Sempervita, Shocker and Stover Equipment, Synarc, Technalon and Unverferth.

Amongst the most popular categories of material handling equipment that are used extensively around the world are those that are used in refrigeration. This equipment is also termed as utility carts. These types of carts are designed in such a way that they can be installed at one location and then used in another. There are a number of different types of this equipment available, ranging from small utility carts used at a single place to large conveyor systems used at various locations for multi-tasking.

Lifting equipment are considered to be another category of material handling equipment that are used worldwide. This equipment includes scissor lifts, pallet trucks, lift tables, and crane systems. All of them are capable of lifting heavy materials and therefore are required at various places. The type of lifting equipment depends upon the purpose for which it is required. For example: heavy industrial material handling equipment may require industrial or forklift trucks. If you need this product now check out at the Shannahan Crane & Hoist page.

If the industrial material will be transported from one location to another than a forklift truck would be required. If the material handling equipment being used will be mobile and that it will be moved from one place to another than a mobile lifting device would be suitable. There are many types of these machines including: cranes, unloading trucks, cable pullers, mobile crane, and forklifts. If the purpose for which the material handling equipment is needed is to move the heavy and/or precious material from one location to another than a hydraulic material handling equipment, an electric crane, or a trolley system are suitable. For handling lighter material that are transported from one area to another than either a manual or automatic material handling equipment would be suitable, and you can find this at

The final category of material handling equipment includes containers for heavy-duty conveyors. These containers include: bags, boxes, barrels, and drums. All of these containers are used worldwide in order to transport material. They include: storage containers, stock containers, closed boxes, pallets, and heavy-duty conveyors. Continue reading, to check out more content related to this article here:

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